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Lacy J

Creator of J Pilates & J Barre

Lindsey, also known as Lacy J, grew up training as a dancer from the age of 3 all the way through college.  In college Lacy J received her Bachelor of Science in Dance and minor in Psychology.  Wanting to continue her passion for movement, Lacy J then enrolled herself in an extensive Pilates training Program, Core Dynamics, in Santa Fe, NM under Pilates Master Michelle Larsson.  Lindsey not only learned equipment and mat Pilates levels 1-4, but continued her education with Pilates for Scoliosis, Pilates for Pre & Post Natal, Pilates for Golfers, as well as Advanced Pilates training Level 5 on the apparatus and mat.
After 4 years of teaching at numerous Pilates studios (including her own in-home studio in Austin, TX), Lacy J took on the Coordinator for Pilates position at Equinox in Dallas, TX.  While at Equinox she furthered her fitness trainings with Barre, Power Plate, Kettle Bell & ViPR trainings. 
After 3 years at Equinox, Lindsey moved with her growing family to Midland, TX where she opened her first brick and mortar studio.  It was during her adventure of opening her first studio when Lacy J developed her own style of training and started to teach J Pilates to her first set of J Instructors. 
Lacy J’s J Pilates programs are designed from her background trainings to get a full body workout, boost the metabolism, incorporate interval training, as well lengthen and strengthen the muscles in a safe manner using the Reformer, Tower, Chair, Mat, Barre and other smaller/basic fitness equipment.

Why Choose J Pilates or J Barre Teacher Training

J Pilates & J Barre Teacher Trainings are for two types of current or future Instructors:

  • Instructors looking to train and teach at a Certified J Pilates or J Barre Location

  • Instructors looking to be future J Pilates or J Barre studio OWNERS

First one is for anyone looking to become J Pilates or J Barre Certified at an already established J Pilates location.  If you are not currently certified in any type of Pilates, you must complete J Reform Level I or J Barre depending on what your current studio requires.  If you do have another certification that has been accepted by your studio, you must complete our "How to J Teach" continuing education, which will be required by your studio as well as continue to build your CE's to be considered part of the J Pilates or J Barre Team.

The second type is for any current or future instructors looking to open their very own J Pilates or J Barre location.  J Pilates and J Barre are not a chain, but rather an AFFILIATION.  You must complete the following steps to become an Affiliation:

1. Email Lacy J with your interest in becoming a J Pilates or J Barre location.

2. Fill out the Affiliation Application.

3. If you are accepted, you must submit a business plan.

4.  Create your own Business Legal Structure and provide proof of Instructor Liability Insurance (after location has been established, proof of Business Insurance will need to be sent over as well)

5. Sign License Agreement & Payment Agreement.  To use the trademarked "J" in your DBA as well as for marketing, you will need to sign the License Agreement and establish a payment plan for the $5,000 first year and $3,000 for every additional year to be able to use the logo.  The Affiliation Payment will include:

  • Use of the trademarked J in your DBA

  • Use of the trademarked J in your marketing material

  • Guidance and access to all J Pilates or J Barre marketing material

  • Month-to-month marketing guidance

  • 1st year business launch assistance:

    • New Hire Interviews​

    • Location

    • Client Outreach

    • Community Involvement

  • J Pilates Business Material:

    • Independent Contractor Offers

    • Front Desk, Kids Club, New Employee New Hire Paperwork  

    • Pay Structure Guide

    • Pricing Structures

  • Yearly Affliiation Retreats

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