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Join the J Family

Interested in opening up your very own J Affiliated location?

Email us today and join the fun:


Here is what to expect:

1. Email Lacy J with your interest in becoming a J Pilates or J Barre location at:


Fill out the Affiliation Application & return via email.

2. If you are accepted after the Application is submitted, you will be expected, if you haven't already, to complete J Reform Level I and/or J Barre depending on what type of studio you are looking to open.

3. Submit your business plan!!! 

This is huge in helping you figure out all the fine lines that will need to be planned in order to open a successful studio.  Submit via email:

4. Create your own Business Legal Structure & Proof of Insurance.

We have always used LLC's for our business structures, but you may do as your lawyer suggests and you MUST provide proof of Studio Liability Insurance.  It's important to have both.

*you may not use the registered trademark J in your legal structure.  The use of the logo may ONLY be used in your DBA*

5. Sign License Agreement & Payment Agreement. 

To use the trademarked "J" in your DBA as well as for marketing, you will need to sign the License Agreement and establish a payment plan for the FIRST YEAR FEE of $1,000-$5,000 depending on the depth of involvement you need from Lacy J to get your Affiliation started:

$1,000 - you already have an established space and would only like to use the logo in your DBA & marketing.

$3,000 - you already have an established location and have hired the desired number of employees/independent contractors.  You just need the use of the logo in your DBA, marketing and would like assistance in:

  • Suggested Pay Structure

  • Suggested Pricing Structure

  • New Hire Paperwork

  • Month-to-Month Marketing Strategies

  • Styles of Classes and Times that best fit your market

$5,000 - You would like J to fly out and assist in:

location of your new space

layout of new studio

scouting your market in person

J interviewing and helping build your team

Help promote and plan Soft & Grand Opening

Assist in:

  • Suggested Pay Structure

  • Suggested Pricing Structure

  • New Hire Paperwork

  • Month-to-Month Marketing Strategies

  • Styles of Classes and Times that best fit your market

6.  Begin your Journey as a J Affiliate

After the FIRST YEAR Affiliation fee, the fee drops down to either $600 a year or $50/mo.

Side Notes:

  • J will always be available to help guide you in success.  J wants your studio to thrive and for you to enjoy running your very own studio.  J has worked very hard over the years and has tried various approaches when it comes to running a business.  She wants to share her knowledge and help you be the BEST STUDIO IN TOWN!


  • There is currently ONE locations that offers J Trainings:

J Pilates Montrose - Montrose, CO

  • Your studio is YOURS!

J is just here to help you be successful, but your studio is yours to run as you see fit.  Being a J Affiliate location tells clients that your studio teaches classes the J Way!  We use some core concepts of Pilates and then add the spice.  We teach fun & energetic classes that will get clients results while they have a blast.  You may definitely add in other styles of fitness programs in your gym if you so desire.  However, for the J Pilates and J Barre, you must stick to our program outlines and ideology that makes the J classes so unique to be able to identify as a J Affiliate.

We look forward to helping you on your new journey in becoming a part of the J Family!  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Email your Affiliate Questionnaire Today:

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