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Helpful Information

I have no background in fitness.  Can I still do trainings?

Yes!  If you have no current or previous fitness trainings, we ask that you take minimum 10 Pilates or Barre classes within 3 months of training (preferably at a J Pilates or J Barre location) before attending J Reform I or J Barre Teacher Training.  Also, our CORE class is mandatory before attending any J Training.
Continuing Education Trainings may be taken by ANYONE.  Open to ALL: J Instructors, any instructor from any type of training, clients wanting to deepen their understanding of Pilates or Barre, or anyone who just enjoys learning.

Can I go straight to J Reform II without completing J Reform I?

Yes & No! 

NO: If no previous trainings, J Reform I must be completed before taking J Reform II

YES: for those whom have other qualified Certifications: there is a J Reform Special Test-Out option for instructors with other styles of Pilates training that wish to skip the basics and go straight to more advance training.  Must email Lacy J to setup Special Test-Out

How long does it take to become a Level I J Reform or J Barre Instructor?

That depends on the individual.  Most people take the weekend course and immediately jump into receiving their Pilates hours of 20 Teaching, 20 Training and 20 Observing hours or Barre hours of 15 Teaching, 15 Training and 15 Observing.  Average time is around 2 months to complete.  Others take longer for they might want to get more hours than the recommended 60 hours and that is okay too.
However, we ask that you try to test-out within 3 months of taking the weekend training course unless you receive approval from the Training Facility you have chosen to train.

Where do I complete my Teaching, Training & Observing Hours?

We highly recommend that you receive your hours at the location you plan on teaching or another J Certified Studio.  However, upon permission from Lacy J, you may receive your hours at another Pilates or Barre location or combination of locations (some J Affiliated and some not)

How long is my Certification in good standing?

4 years.  You must complete the recommended 20 CE's every 4 years to maintain your J Certification in Good Standing.

How do I open my own J Reform or J Barre Affiliation?

You must complete the following steps to become an Affiliation:

***must complete J Reform I and/or J Barre Certification before opening up your own J Studio Affiliation***

1. Email Lacy J with your interest in becoming a J Pilates or J Barre location.

2. Fill out the Affiliation Application.

3. If you are accepted, you must submit a business plan.

4.  Create your own Business Legal Structure and provide proof of Instructor Liability Insurance (after location has been established, proof of Business Insurance will need to be sent over as well)

5. Sign License Agreement & Payment Agreement.  To use the trademarked "J" in your DBA as well as for marketing, you will need to sign the License Agreement and establish a payment plan for the $1,000-$5,000 (depending on the level of involvement needed by J  in opening your Affiliation.  Please see this page for more information) first year and $600 ($50/mo) for every additional year to be able to use the logo.  The Affiliation Payment will include:

  • Use of the trademarked J in your DBA

  • Use of the trademarked J in your marketing material

  • Guidance and access to all J Pilates or J Barre marketing material

  • Month-to-month marketing guidance

  • 1st year business launch assistance (more details here)

Why do I have to complete J Reform I or J Barre before opening up my own J Affiliation?

J Reform I and J Barre both go over the basics of teaching a J Group Class in both foundation teacher trainings.  Both go over basic terminology, anatomy, movement, alignment and core beliefs in how to teach the J way.  You will need this in order to open and run a J Pilates or J Barre location.

Will I be able to teach at other locations besides J Reform or J Barre Affiliates.

Yes.  If you are looking to teach Pilates at another location, you must first check and see how many Certified Hours you need.  I would recommend, at least, completing Reform I & Reform II before attempting to teach at another Pilates location.  Reform III might be required as well, depending on the requirements for that specific location.

J Barre you will be able to teach at another location, but know all studio locations have their own requirements, so make sure you check them out before completing any training or certification.

What is the difference between J Reform I, J Reform II & J Reform III?

J Reform I is your most basic training that will give you all the tools you need to teach a Beginner to Intermediate level Pilates Reformer class.  This WILL NOT allow you to teach an advanced level class or Private Lessons that require injury specific exercises.  You MAY teach private instruction to anyone who just want to learn Pilates and has no physical restrictions (previous surgeries, injuries or medical conditions).

J Reform II will further your training to allow you to begin teaching more advanced classes.  However, J believes that MOST clients in a class setting (4 or more clients per class), should rarely do any advance movements due to risk of injury. 

J Reform III is specifically designed to train instructors how to teach to clients with specific needs (aka common injuries or rehab needs).  **all clients must be released by their doctor and/or PT before participating in ANY form of J Pilates or Barre classes/personal training.

May I open more than one Affiliated location?

Yes, you may.  However, you must receive Lacy J's permission on each location to make sure you are not impeding on another Affiliates location.  If you are the only Affiliation in that specific are, you may open studios wherever you like.

May I open up a J Reform and J Barre Affiliation in the same studio?

Yes, you may.  You may structure your studio however you would like.  You may offer J Pilates and/or J Barre along with yoga, kickboxing, CrossFit or whatever other style of fitness you would like.  Being Affiliated is just showing that you were trained by our J Teacher Programs and have a style of teaching that is conclusive of J style teaching.  But what you offer and how you run your studio is up to you.

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